A Strong Foundation.
A practical education.

The Bethesda School of Ministry exists to


(with the word of God)


(with practical, hands-on experience under the careful watch of seasoned ministers)


(with prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit)

students who are seriously pursuing vocational ministry in a pastoral, music, missions, or media role.

We offer two educational and training tracks for those called to full-time ministry:


The pastoral track touches on all areas of pastoral ministry, missions, and evangelism.


The music track includes arranging, leading worship, instrumental and vocal training, orchestration, production media, and audio engineering.

The course of study is offered in either a 12 month (full-time) or 24 month (part-time) program. To discuss which option is best for you, contact us today.

All students, regardless of whether they are pursuing the music or pastoral track, will take the following classes during their time at BSM:

An overview of the books of the Old Testament designed to give the student a basic understanding of the history of the People of God, the geography of the Near East and the basic themes and theology contained in the Old Testament. Special attention will be given to the more significant historical events, personalities, and selected passages and their application and influence on the 21st century Christian.

An overview of the New Testament focusing on the political, cultural, religious, literary, and historical perspectives during the life of Jesus and during the early Church. Authorship, book outlines, key themes, persons, and events in pre- and early-church history will be examined along with personal applications for the 21st century Christian.

A broad introduction to biblical theology, this course acquaints students with the history of biblical theology, basic methodological issues, various ways of studying biblical theology, and the relationship between biblical theology and other theological disciplines (such as systematic theology). The course will focus particularly on the Bible’s storyline, tracing key themes as they unfold through the various books, corpora, and genres of Scripture.

This course is intended to be an introduction to basic Bible study skills. Students will be trained in using basic tools to better understand the text. Representative passages from various Old Testament and New Testament passages will be analyzed and discussed. Special attention will be given to understanding texts in their original context as well as how to interpret and apply the texts. Additionally, students will be trained for both personal bible study and, as future leaders in the church, leading studies for others.

A theological and practical course designed to aid the student in understanding the spiritual character development required for effective spiritual ministry. The course emphasizes the development of spiritual vitality through bible study, prayer, devotional reading, and corporate worship.

The student will be introduced to the study of homiletics with an emphasis on the preparation of biblical, effective sermons that bring the Bible to bear on the everyday life of the listeners. The principles and practices of good deliver will be addressed and each student will have the opportunity to “preach” at least three sermons of various types and then receive detailed feedback from the professor.

A theological and practical approach to spiritual warfare will be presented. Beginning with the principles of warfare in the Old Testament and progression through the New Testament, the theology and practice of spiritual warfare will be traced up through our current time. Various theological viewpoints will be presented with a recommendation for a balanced and sound approach to the subject.

Using the tabernacle described in the book of Exodus as a model, we will thoroughly examine the way - provided by God himself - for humanity to worship Him. Beginning with the tabernacle in the wilderness, the student will survey the theology and practice of worship from the Old Testament through the birth of the Church on the day of Pentecost and all the way to the present day. Music and arts in the context of changes and cultural adaptations in worship theology and practice will be considered.

The person, work, gifts, and ministry of the Holy Spirit are the topics examined in this biblical study. Among the questions discussed from both the Old and New Testaments are these: Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? How do I live a Spirit-filled life? What are the gifts and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit? Students are encouraged to apply these and other, related, biblical teachings to their own teaching and preaching ministries.

A study of personal Christian financial management from three perspectives. First, the course focuses on all aspects of local church finance including budgeting, financial record keeping, receiving and disbursing funds, developing accounting systems, and planning for building projects. Next, the course helps ministers-in-training to develop sound personal financial processes including personal budgeting, tax-wise ministerial compensation planning, and retirement planning.

Pastoral counseling focuses on the responsibility of the minister to function as a personal shepherd for members of his or her congregation. This course will place specific focus on utilizing the truths of Scriptures to assist believers in times of important decision-making. It will also provide additional information that will assist the minister in protecting the integrity of his or her ministry. Specific topics will include: premarital and marital counseling, grief counseling, legal issues in counseling, conflict resolution, and church discipline. A section will be included to help the minister to determine when a situation needs to be referred to a professional counselor.

A course designed to introduce the student to the biblical, theological, historical, and practical basis for Christian missions. Special attention will be given to contemporary issues in missions as well as current ways to do missions both locally and abroad.

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