Called to Lead.
Called to Care.

For those following the call to pastoral ministry, missions, or evangelism, the sheer weight of responsibility can be staggering. Though they are sold out to the mission, many new ministers end up crushed under the responsibilities and emotional strain of their vocation.

Bethesda School of Ministry believes that we empower young people to not just withstand but also flourish under the pressures of pastoral leadership by equipping students with the knowledge and tools that they need to pursue a calling in vocational ministry.

A pastor must be prepared for anything. Bethesda School of Ministry will equip you for the challenges of life in vocational ministry.

If you would like to talk to someone about your calling to pastoral ministry, please contact us today.

Our pastoral internships cover a broad list of topics, from the practical to the philosophical.

Our pastoral internships cover a broad list of topics, from the practical to the philosophical.


Looking at the big picture - from children to adults

Putting together a service schedule

Effective sermon prep and delivery

Working with the Music Department

Weekly scheduling of events

Pastoral Counseling

Performing baptism

Performing weddings

Performing funerals

Performing communion

Hospital visitation

Understanding and setting boundaries in counseling and home visits

Church finances

Community outreach

World outreach


Facilities and maintenance

Effective communication

Altar calls and invitations

Praying with/for people for healing, deliverance, spiritual empowering, etc.

Advanced Practical

Wielding a service

Chairing a board meeting


The Importance of Devotional Living and Spiritual Formation

Accountability on All Levels - Aligning Oneself Under the Authority of the Senior Pastor

Building Credibility with the Church, Staff, and Community

Conflict Resolution Within the Church and Leadership Team

A Profile of a Great Minister, Preacher, and Staff Member

Providing Excellence in Pastoral Care

Cultivating a Godly Work Ethic

Working Alongside Othrs in Ministry

The Position and Duties of a Pastoral Minister

Personal Development

Sermon and Teaching Critique

Warfare Prayer

Communication Skills

Ordering Your Private World

Personal Finances

Personal Relationships

Your Spouse/Children and Your Ministry

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